Graphic Design

I provide a great deal of graphic design services for those in the bodybuilding, figure, and fitness industry. If you have been to any competition, there's a fairly good chance you have seen my work displayed. I can help you create logos, banners, and any other solution to help your website appear more professional.

In the past I have designed DVD covers, weekly media announcements, and dozens of other creations for clients in all industries. Anything we create for your website, we can also use for T-shirts, business cards, DVD covers, and anything else you need. Email me if you have any questions. I'm very up front in terms of what I can do and what I cannot. Most of the time, we can build an item to your liking in an hour on the phone (at a fee of only $35) or via email, for the same $35 price.

Animated Advertisement Design
Complete ad banner - any size!
$35 USD


Projector Mount
Free Web Page Counters



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